The Initium Novum

Join one of the biggest and most active clans for MB2 and partake in weekly clan events and personal training for both Dueling and Open mode. Play on 4 clan-owned servers spanning both NA and EU catering to all gamemodes, and visit our personal clan headquarters to have private sessions with allies and clanmates.

About TIN

About TIN

The Initium Novum is a Movie Battles II clan that has gathered active committed players from both EU and NA regions to enjoy the game in a friendly environment. TIN was originally started by 8 people that just wanted to hang out and learn the game with each other. They weren't known to the community and had little in the way of exposure. Today TIN has over 50 members, 4 active running servers, a website, a very active YouTube channel, and of course a Discord server where you can come hang out with us in voice chat and text chat.

TIN has gained a reputation for being one of the few current clans partaking in both modes of the game, meaning we don't just focus on one part of the game. We are dedicated in both areas of the game and come together to help each other improve and enjoy the game. This is why many well known Open mode players and duelists have found a home here.

To be accepted into TIN, you don't have to be a pro, you don't have to be decent at the game at all. TIN is meant as a place that welcomes any skill and or experience level and helps you progress through the ranks with experienced teachers and players. If you are interested in joining, read up on the rest of our website, and check out the links at the bottom, where you can apply on our forums.

Clan Progression

Clan Progression

TIN offers many opportunities for personal developement and progression within the clan's ranking system.

Duelist Ranks

Duelists are specialized in saber combat and fight other duelists in one-on-one battles

Rank Abbreviation Description
Trainee TRN Initiate rank for new members.
Student STDNT Basic learner rank.
Educated EDU Proven to be educated within the core mechanics of dueling.
Apprentice APTCE Proven to utilise the core mechanics somewhat efficiently. Taken into one-on-one training with a master.
Knight KNGHT Completed training and trials. May take apprentices of their own.
Master MSTR Experienced teacher and duelist. Highest attainable duelist rank.

Gunner Ranks

Gunners are specialized in the Open gamemode and can fight with a variety of classes and weapons in large-scale battles

Name Abbreviation Description
Recruit RCRT Initial gunner rank
Soldier SLD Awarded to those who have fully participated in at least 2 Open events.
Legionnaire LGNR Awarded to those who have fully participated in at least 6 Open events.
Veteran Legionnaire LGNV Awarded to those who have fully participated in at least 10 Open events.
Prefect PRFCT Awarded after passing an organised 3v3 trial for promotion.
Centurion CTRN Awarded after successfully leading a victorious premade team in a weekly organised Open event or clan vs clan battle.

Council Ranks

The council decides what changes to make to the clan and are responsible for many clan matters such as organising events, training sessions, reviewing applications and more.

Name Abbreviation Description
Tribune TRBN Voted on by the council. Must possess Centurion rank.
Praetorian PRTRN Voted on by the council. Must possess Evocatus rank.
Magistrate MGSTR Leader of the council and the clan.

Special Ranks

Among the regular ranks there are also special ones given out to exemplary members that have helped the clan in specific areas of developement

Name Abbreviation/Suffix Description
Instructor INST Head of training. Must be at least a Knight to qualify. Is allowed to vote on council.
Legate LEGAT Head of the Clan's Open Mode regiment.
Artifex /FX Head of art and design for the clan.


Ready to apply or just join the discussion on the forums? Check out links to clan information or dive straight into our community!