The Future of TIN SWTOR
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Hi All,

Since we've now become so established and now have so many new members joining our discord and playing SWTOR with us I thought iit would be a good idea to give a short explanation on the Expansion of TIN in the Star Wars the Old Republic Universe:

Beginning - 

After the most recent Movie Battles 2 patch decreasing my motivation and others within the clan to want to play the game as much as we have been playing it for countless of months (for me its been pretty much since April when i first joined TIN), i decided it was time to start investing more of my time in something new and exciting... something which i knew could perhaps bring the clan closer together or potentially increase our presence and popularity in another game with a slightly larger playerbase than MB2, but i didn't want to play a game that would isolate myself from my fellow TIN members but i wanted to play a game that i could get everybody involved in and still have the opportunity for my friends to be playing it along side me, and there it was... a spark of an old flame... a game that i once spent countless of hours playing and had so many great memories on and that was SWTOR.

And so it began... i searched within TIN to find people that had played SWTOR before to see if i could spark some interest with them so we could all start playing together regularly and even open up what is now a massive and super successful guild "The Initium Novum" (SWTOR edition), and so Me, PuNk, Fridge, Michau, Puskie , SrsSpy  and countless other members contributed in making the foundations and beginnings of TIN in SWTOR. 

Present -

As it stands we currently have established a massively popular and well established guild/clan in SWTOR with over 500 members which honestly feels like my second home in terms of community. We've managed to create a super friendly, interactive and extremely enjoyable community were we all get along with eachother, we've really managed to create a whole new massive community of friends in another game while still keeping some of the qualities from TIN mb2 into SWTOR. Along the way we have met some really helpful and down to earth people, like Chisstastic (Double D in discord) , bluemonday (altho she hates the game) , Qu (big lad) , Deesh (love him) , and many more people that have really contributed to the success of the guild in SWTOR and just made the atmopshere that much more enjoyable. 

We started the guild with no real goal, aim or ambition it was just meant to be a bit of fun with a group of friends and now its turned into something tremendously great and i'm so happy to be a part of it. Our guild is super well known in the whole of the SWTOR community and it amazes me to see the amount of people that you see from the guild just walking around in the game and how you just randomly bump into them on your travels doing questing or just on the fleet. But i have big plans for the future of SWTOR for TIN and i want to continue growing this massive community we've managed to form together.

Future -

The future is bright and i've got many things i want to get rolling such as weekly/monthly events, giveaways, rewards , scheduled weekly op runs, Up to date PvP/PvE Guides and much more.  So there is still a lot to get done but i just want to thank you all for being on this journey with me and for motivating me to want to put this much time and effort into a game which i never thought i'd touch or see ever again until the day i'd end up hearing it died completely or something.

So thank you all, and i'm looking forward to the future of TIN Swtor, but for any of you that haven't started playing with us or perhaps played SWTOR in the past and dont play it now, i'd encourage you to join us and i guarantee you it wont be disappoint. But i hope this gives you a little bit of background as to what's going on and why there's suddenly new SWTOR discord roles and loads of random new people joining our discord that you might have never heard of!

I will keep you posted on any updates that may be coming in the imminent future and look forward to seeing you all in game or on discord.
 Aliases: TIN|Alysia, Alysia«, TIN|INST Sambyka , in°Samb

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Sounds great. I can't wait for the future and all the events!
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