app: DENIED Marbelous Clan Admin Application
In-game name: Marb, Marbelous
Refferal(s): Hoody, Mad and Pepito

Previous Movie Battles Admin Experience: Well i had admin on J|, Y4 and cult, so i have good experience

Previous Jedi Knight Academy Experience: None.

Clan (if any): Unknown

Average hours spent per week: 14-21 hours

How long have you been playing Movie Battles?: For around 2 Years

Why do I wish to be admin?
Because i want to have a nice atmosphere in servers. If someone is doing annoying things like spam taunting in duels, text spams or just laming.
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german bitch boy
PC Specs:

GPU : RTX 2080
CPU : Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx
RAM : 64 GB 3600 MHz
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Sorry Marb, unfortunately the Council has decided to reject your application.

Actually we've enough people that possess admin rights... feel free to re-apply in 30 days.
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