app: APPROVED Clan Application: yisus (Aizen)
In-game name: Aizen
Discord: yisus#2609
Country: Spain
Spoken languages: Spanish, English
Refferal: Hessu

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 14-21 hours

Microphone: Yes

Prior training: Yes
Additional details: Pretty much everything about sabering, nothing about gunners.

Primarily interested in mode: Both

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow,Red,Purple,Blue,Cyan,Staff,Duals

Started playing MB2: 2016

Why do I want to join TIN?
I want to join because i have been interested in the clan for a long period of time, and now that im clanless i think it is my best chance to check it.

Just to mention a few causes of why i want to join would be:

-The people, i have been talking with some of the members, and it looks like this clan has a lot of variety; Players that are memes themselves, tryharders, out-going people etc.

-The events and ranks system.

-My will and capacity to teach every clan member on dueling, making them having a name on the dueling scene, and an unique or/and effective playstyle.
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Hello Aizen, aren't you a member of Sith Order Academy?
(21-04-2019, 04:01 PM)Michau Wrote: Hello Aizen, aren't you a member of Sith Order Academy?

No, despite I am on their discord, you can see on their forums that I haven't made any application to join them
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mi no comprende?
PC Specs:

GPU : RTX 2080
CPU : Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx
RAM : 64 GB 3600 MHz
Welcome Aizen, I'm glad that you've chosen us instead of S| rebirth, anyway I wish you good luck with your application.
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Glad to see you apply mate
Best Wookie EU
Good luck man!
Good to see you here, you beast good luck!
 Aliases: TIN|Alysia, Alysia«, TIN|INST Sambyka , in°Samb

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Congrats! You've been officially accepted into the clan, look forward to fighting alongside you ingame and hope to talk to you on discord soon! Welcome Big Grin - P.S please accept my friend request on discord so i can add you to our clan discord.

Thanks <3
 Aliases: TIN|Alysia, Alysia«, TIN|INST Sambyka , in°Samb

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