app: DENIED Clan Application: The Machine
In-game name: The Machine
Discord: The Machine#3364
Country: U.S.A.
Spoken languages: English
Refferal: TIN Kaz

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 1-7 hours

Microphone: No

Prior training: No
Additional details: none

Primarily interested in mode: Both

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow,Red,Purple,Blue,Cyan,Staff,Duals

Started playing MB2: 1 year and a half ago

Why do I want to join TIN?
So i can know a lot of people and to get a lot better on mb2 and i only play on the weekends.
Good luck
My thirst for power is as great as my hunger for grilled cheese sandwiches.

oh lol yellow red purple blue cyan staff and duals are also my favourite styles!
PC Specs:

GPU : RTX 2080
CPU : Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx
RAM : 64 GB 3600 MHz
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The council will get back to you with the final vote asap. Good luck!
Best Wookie EU
We have seen you tking and timewasting so we have decided to deny your application.
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