app: APPROVED Clan Application: FlyingRevan
In-game name: FlyingRevan, Padawano and more random names xD
Discord: FlyingRevan#8621
Country: Italy
Spoken languages:  italian and english
Refferal: PsychoFun

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 28-35 hours

Microphone: No

Prior training: No
Additional details: no trainings just some advices by players

Primarily interested in mode: Both

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow,Red,Blue,Staff

Started playing MB2: 2018

Why do I want to join TIN?
I want to Join TIN because I think is a fun and active clan.

Also I wish to improve my dueling skills cause i can duel in a very basic way right now, to enjoy more the time spent in mb2.
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Nice application my friend Smile , please accept my friend request on discord and send me a message once you've done and i will get you into our clan discord - in the mean time stay active on our servers and try to get to know some people in the clan perhaps. The council will vote on your application soon!
 Aliases: TIN|Alysia, Alysia«, TIN|INST Sambyka , in°Samb

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Wow, thanks for the very quick reply ?, I'll do it now.

(25-04-2019, 09:43 PM)FlyingRevan Wrote: Wow, thanks for the very quick reply, I'll do it now.
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No problemo - look forward to seeing you in-game!
 Aliases: TIN|Alysia, Alysia«, TIN|INST Sambyka , in°Samb

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Welcome to TIN sir, I have seen you some times playing in our servers, we are glad that you decided to join us, good luck with your application!
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Thanks, see ya in game !

Were you who made this thread?
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your name looks familiar,  which clans were u in jka ?

seeing an old jka player here makes me happy, good luck
Nope, the similarity of the name is only a coincidence, mine is totally random as I said. I've played JKA in the past but i've never been in a clan, i don't remember the name I used at the time neither LOL.

So if my name is too similar to another player I could use another one, I don't want to be exchanged for someone else.

I mean this nick is so dumb but I kept it to be recognizable also according to the fact that a lot of mb2 players use kinda random names (not all players obviously).

Well... I've choose this name cause a day I was playing in MBII with Darth Revan skin, I saw someone flying around the map, and so I discorvered the flying glitch and started using this a lot so ye.. dumb .. but ..there we go, flying revan ().

Oh btw, when I started playing this mod i used "JustAJedi" as my name but it was too noobish and the "lovely" mb2 community replied to me creating names like JustAFag and similar ones so... ye it was time to change with something more ... "original" I would say.

I sometimes use "Padawano" as my nick too but I don't like it so much... I know I don't have imagination LOL.
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probably i mistaken with Raven or Revan guy. the name color was black n white.
u might not change your name for now because we have to see you online in our servers.
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