app: APPROVED Clan Application: krisko125
In-game name: krisko125
Discord: beleata74#4298
Country: Bulgaria
Spoken languages: Bulgarian ( Native ), English ( secondary )
Refferal: Played a bit with Cortez, invited by Mike. All of that while playing on the FA server.

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 7-14 hours

Microphone: No

Prior training: Yes
Additional details: I know the basics and won a couple of duels against Mike. By the basics I mean PB, Swing Block, the PB zones. I also know about Mblocks though the chance of me performing one is very low.

Primarily interested in mode: Both

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow

Started playing MB2: mid 2016

Why do I want to join TIN?
I'm was interested in joining a clan for a while though allways turned down any offers I got, talked a bit to Mike ( uses Cortez as name ) he told me some nice stuff about the clan like the events and the community. The players I've seen for now were very nice and I've been having fun playing with them.

Ughh, I'm embarrassed overlooked some grammar mistakes please ignore them...
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At this point it is getting kinda late in my time zone, I will be available around 10/11 ó clock GMT +3, if you need to contact me.
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I think you can show us more
If what you dont know?You can ask, dont shy
Good luck,and be in game mate.
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It's good to see a new face here, welcome to TIN, we are glad that you've decided to join us to learn each aspect of this great mod, also we hope to see you joined in our servers to know you better!

May the 4th be with you, always.
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ma medak <3
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(05-05-2019, 03:58 PM)Cortezthious Wrote: ma medak <3

Hello krisko, your application has been accepted. Accept me on discord so we could proceed.
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