app: APPROVED Clan Application: Alpatr0s
In-game name: alpatr0s
Discord: alpatr0s#3931
Country: Sweden
Spoken languages: Swedish, English
Refferal: Puskie

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 14-21 hours

Microphone: Yes

Prior training: Yes
Additional details: Know the basics, but want to learn the advanced stuff

Primarily interested in mode: Duel Mode

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow,Red,Blue

Started playing MB2: 2019

Why do I want to join TIN?
The TIN clan has made a very strong impression on me since I first started playing this mod with their good sportsmanship and excellent duelling skills. As an outsider looking in, I feel like TIN is one of the most mature and serious clans out there.
I am very interested in joining this clan for the community I've been told it provides and the level of skill, discipline and friendliness I see in the members of the clan. When I met Puskie, he was really friendly to me and taught me a bunch of techniques. He then proceeded to extend me a friendly invite to the clan telling me I can use him as referral because I would feel right at home here. I was really hyped to hear that because I'm kind of a day-one-closet-fanboy of you guys! lol
I have been training by myself for about a month now since I started, being taught by various players from different clans. I feel like I've hit a cieling as for how far I can teach myself, and I'm very interested in scheduled/routine trainings so that I can further develop my skills in this game with higher level techniques.
I believe I could contribute something to the community as a whole, as people usually tell me they have a great time playing with me because I'm mostly just relaxed and happy. I try to make everyone feel included and keep everyone laughing and having a good time, as I feel that is what a gaming community is supossed to be all about!
Thanks for taking the time to read!
PS. Can't wait to be a Tinhead! Tongue
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Bravo. Great app mate Smile
Best Wookie EU
He is in love with TIN. good job puskie whatever you have done to him.
Saw you many times playing and you are a very active player, you would be a good addition to the clan, good luck with that tank application!
[Image: 30vddfb.png]
Congratulations! You've been accepted into the clan, we look forward to fight alongside you in-game and hope to talk to you on discord soon!

Accept me now my friend request on discord to give you the respective roles.

[Image: 30vddfb.png]

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