app: APPROVED Clan Application: AlexPlayz
In-game name: Alex (RN) Will change to Oracle
Discord: Oracle#3509
Country: UK
Spoken languages: English
Refferal: Cortez

Average hours spent on MB2 per week: 7-14 hours

Microphone: Yes

Prior training: Yes
Additional details: God I really cant remember, Combos, Disarms (Yes ik they have been removed), PB

Primarily interested in mode: Both

Interested in participating in clan activities: Yes

Favorite saber styles: Yellow

Started playing MB2: 2018

Why do I want to join TIN?
Aight its AlexPlayz here from a year back and i want to join because One i got back into MB2 after wanting to duel more and fill in the need for star wars and Two to have an amazing time like i did last time and to bring back some awesome memories.
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  • Michau, Force Master
Welcome to the clan, good application and wish you good luck dear friend!
[Image: 30vddfb.png]
ma oldkid
Application accepted kind sir, Welcome back!

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