event: FULL AUTHENTIC TIN FA Event (Saturday, May 11th)
Full Authentic 
Both members and allies are welcome to sign up. The event will take place on 11th of May 19:00 UK (GMT/UTC+1) on HQ. 


- Two players volunteer for captain position and pick their teammates in turns, (first to pick will be decided by a random number generator).
- Captain who gets second pick for their team will decide which side they start, this will decision will be taken for all maps.
- Captains will only be viable for the role if they turn up before team picking starts, usually 10-15 minutes after gathering starts.
- Two maps will be played, ten rounds on each map, after five rounds teams switch sides (Rebels/ Imperials).
- No obvious map bug/glitch abusing.
- No timewasting, raging, trolling, spamming or disrupting the event.
- No intentional teamkilling. 
- Clan members are required to wear tags during the event for recording purposes.
- All participants should be on our Discord's clan event voice channels.  No one is required to talk except Captains, but you should be there to be able to hear others.
- Winner is the team that wins more rounds in total across the two maps.

To sign up post below.  If you are unsure if you can attend say maybe or 50/50.

Mike Tallway



Captain volunteers: (if more than two volunteer, a random list generator will be used.  The top two on the generated list will be captains)
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coming mister kaz :-DDDDDDDD
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(10-05-2019, 03:01 PM)Mike  Tallway Wrote: coming mister kaz :-DDDDDDDD


Mike, I hope you don't leave in the middle of the event if your team is losing, some members are annoying about it.
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I want be Councilor

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