app: APPROVED maxfranx Clan Admin Application
In-game name: maxfranx
Refferal(s): Michau

Previous Movie Battles Admin Experience: I ran my own server for 2 years, where I learnt how to use SMOD and RCON.  I was an admin on TIN servers for months while I was a member before and throughout my council days.

I was an admin on SF servers for months, though I'm officially retired from there now.

I had SMOD priveleges on some lesser known servers for clans such as GSE and .Naboo.

On any server I follow their specific rules on administration.  My own rules when I still ran my own server were similar to TIN's.

Previous Jedi Knight Academy Experience: I haven't ever had administrative priveleges on base servers, in fact my play time in JKA is fairly limited.

Clan (if any): TIN

Average hours spent per week: 1-7 hours

How long have you been playing Movie Battles?: 2 years and 3 months.

Why do I wish to be admin?
I want to be able to maintain a playable environment for myself and fellow players on TIN servers.  Often I find my self surrounded by laming and interrupting annoyances, with no admins on to sort situations out.  While I am playing it makes sense to help out.  I may not be available on call as I was before due to work, but I will help out where I can.
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Accepted! Big Grin

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