Knights are the top duelists of TIN; They have perfected their knowledge about the various mechanics and core aspects that exist within the game. Their mechanical prowess reflects their knowledge, and they should be able to outperform any lower-ranking member by many lengths. Knights are allowed to undertake apprentices of their own for additional personalized mentoring.


Using any sort of unfair techniques such as abusing shadowswings, running away in duels or exploiting fast saber styles is not permitted, and will end in a disqualification from the trial if they are shown to be used excessively.


The knight trials contain no additional theory requirements.


You will have 2 attempts for each step of the tests. Failing more than 2 times will disqualify you from promotion and put you on trial cooldown for 7 days.


Duel against your mentor - They will assess your overall dueling ability, and can confirm that you possess the foundation and aptitude for the deserved rank.

Knight dueling trials will be assessed differently from regular dueling trials. You will partake in 10 duels with your mentor. During these duels you will be required to win a minimum of 5 duels.

During your dueling you will be analyzed for various techniques, including but not limited to:

Exceptions may be made!

A member proven to have good mechanical skill and understanding may still be chosen to proceed with the promotion if the mentor deems that their mechanical skill and core understandings are enough. Other mentors will have to vote on the subject and come to a decision before any promotions are made.

What's next?

The world beyond the knight trials is vast and filled with lots of room for improvement. A true knight realises that their progression is never over. Many pick up apprentices of their own, hoping to mentor them into a similar bracket of skill one day - and others may simply keep focusing on duels until they become the very best in the game. The journey is never over!